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ZEISS - An international leader in optics

ZEISS - An international leader in optics

About ZEISS Australasia

ZEISS is a leading international group of companies operating worldwide in the optical and opto-electronic industries. Headquartered in Oberkochen, Germany, the Carl Zeiss Group is directly represented in more than 30 countries and operates production facilities in Europe, America and Asia.

The Carl Zeiss Group is structured as six business groups in three strategic markets. These are Biosciences and Medical Technology, System Solutions for Industry and Optical Consumer Goods. We offer products and services for biomedical research and medical technology, system solutions for the semiconductor, automotive and mechanical engineering industries, as well as high quality consumer goods such as eyeglass lenses, camera lenses and binoculars.

What's the best frame for your face shape?

What's the best frame for your face shape?

When it’s time for eyeglasses, the frames should complement the shape of your face and even make a fashion statement. Other facial features can help narrow down the possible choices of frames to a more manageable number. This article will help you choose the right eyeglass frames for your face, so your new glasses don’t detract from your appearance.

1. Look in a mirror to decide the shape of your face. There are generally 7 face shapes: round, heart-shaped (base-up triangle), triangular (base down), square, rectangular, oblong and oval.

2. Choose frames that are opposite of the shape of your face.Full, soft faces look better with sharper- edged frames and angular faces look best with round frames. 

Round faces look better with angled or square frames, which make the face appear longer and slimmer. A rectangular shape and a clear bridge will widen the eyes.

Macular Degeneration - watch the video

Awareness Campaign

As you are more than likely aware there has been a major media campaign recently to make people aware of Macular Degeneration and the fact it is Australia’s leading cause of blindness. 

The macular is the central part of the retina which is responsible for our ability to see detail; you are using your macula to read this now. Macular Degeneration causes progressive macular damage resulting in loss of central vision.

It is thought to be caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors. People over the age of 50, smokers and those with a family history of the disease are thought to be most at risk. Early detection of Macular Degeneration is crucial as any vision lost cannot be regained.

Calvin Klein - New range in stock now!

Calvin Klein - New range in stock now!


One of the most recognized brands in the world today is the CK Calvin Klein. A collection built up of apparel and accessories for the modern and uniquely swanky individual. High-end concepts are translated into a moderately priced collection to meet the fashion and economical demands of the current optical market. Ck Calvin Klein targets a wide range of demographics defined by lifestyle rather than age. We see geek style shapes to vintage styling of cat eyes in the glasses collection and aviator to wayfarer styles for the sunglasses.

Sturdee Eyes have a wide range of CK to suit all face shapes.

Domani ClikOns - Amazing new frame wear that rocks!


In April 2014, Domani released their new range of eyewear which includes their ClikOns where fasion meets function.

Domani's patented, interlocking, magnetic, sunglass clip on frames. All sunglass clips come with polarized lenses and are individually styled to transform beautiful, designer, eye glasses into the latest, fashionable, pair of sunglasses.

Swing by at Sturdee Eye's and try a few pair on.