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Optical and Sunglass Frames

We have an extensive range of frames to choose from, including no-gap budget styles to high quality hand made frames. We have classic and conservative styles, as well as some more "out there" ones for the adventurous at heart. Our range includes:

  • Quality brands designed to last
  • Titanium and stainless steel which is important for those who want a light-weight frame or have a nickel allergy
  • Children's glasses, including our number one selling childrens brand Tomato Glasses
  • Quality sunglass brands such as Serengeti, Bolle and Oakley  
  • Hypo-allergenic range
  • Clip on sunglass styles
  • Every frame comes with a quality case
  • All brands carry a manufacturer's warranty of 1-2 years
  • Care for life with free cleaning, adjustments, minor repairs, nosepad replacements and a new case

Feature Frame: Etnia Barcelona Halle P 



Sports & Safety Eyewear 

We carry two popular sports eyewear brands - Progear and Liberty Sport. If contact lenses are not an option for you, it is essential to have a pair of properly made sport-safe eyewear to protect your eyes from injury that can occur particularly from ball sports. We also supply safety eyewear for work environments that require proper protection. Our lenses are made from a thicker polycarbonate material to be more durable than standard lenses. 


Lenses by Carl Zeiss 

We only use top quality German lenses by Carl Zeiss. We believe in only the best quality when it comes to your health and your vision, to ensure your eyes are getting the best treatment they can. 

Sunglass level UV protection in clear ZEISS lenses. The skin, eyes and area around the eyes are very sensitive to UV radiation.Most of us know that UV radiation harms the skin, causing photoaging, wrinkles and in severe cases, skin cancer. Although it's invisible, long-term UV exposure can cause various eye diseases such as cataracts, macular degeneration and accelerated ageing of the tissue surrounding the eyes. 

UV rays between 380 and 400 nanometres are responsible for most UV-related eye damage. For this reason health organisations recommend protection up to 400 nanometres. Currently up to 80% of clear lenses globally do not offer full UV protection. 

Zeiss UVProtect Technology sets an industry benchmark by offering full protection up to 400 nanometres in clear lenses - the same UV protection as premium sunglasses. Click here to learn more. 

*Excludes Bifocals and Access Lenses


Contact Lenses

Over glasses? Try Contact Lenses! 

If you are an existing contact lens wearer or have worn lenses in the past there have been significant changes to contact lens technology over the last few years. There are a new generation of soft contact lenses made of a material called silicone hydrogel. These new lenses allow 5-6 times more oxygen to the cornea and have a special wetting agent. This combination gives the wearer longer lasting comfort.

If you have dry eyes and have struggled with contact lenses in the past then these lenses are a must try. Patients with astigmatism can also try toric silicone hydrogel disposable lenses with improved comfort and stability of vision. There are now several disposable multifocals lenses on the market suitable for people who require extra help with near vision.

Book an appointment today for a contact lens fitting consultation, with a free trial of several brands in order to choose the most favourable to your eye.


Ozbob Scuba

Scuba Masks, Ski Goggles and Swimming Goggles

We need clear vision for many other activities in life, such as underwater or on the ski slopes! Rob Hamilton, the practice owner and dispenser has been making custom made prescription scuba masks and swimming goggles in store for over 35 years under our second business Ozbob Scuba. More recently, he has been able to make Ski Goggles into a range of Smith brand models with a prescription lens insert. Custom made lenses mean that Rob makes them specifically to your prescription, including astigmatism, and can make bifocals or single vision lenses in almost any Scuba Mask or Swimming Goggle, even childrens. It is possible to do most prescriptions, even those with extreme short or long sightedness. He has made masks for people all over the world. 

See the tab 'Prescription Scuba Masks' to visit his website, or phone 0414991533 to enquire today. 

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