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We use a wide variety of lenses in our practice from ZEISS, a premium lens company supplying German-quality lenses. Wherever possible we utilise the latest in spectacle lens technology so everyone can be assured of receiving the thinnest, lightest and most technologically advances lenses available for their prescription. 

Sunglass level UV protection in clear ZEISS lenses. 

The skin, eyes and area around the eyes are very sensitive to UV radiation. Most of us know that UV radiation harms the skin, causing photoaging, wrinkles and in severe cases, skin cancer. Although it's invisible, long-term UV exposure can cause various eye diseases such as cataracts, macular degeneration and accelerated ageing of the tissue surrounding the eyes. 

UV rays between 380 and 400 nanometres are responsible for most UV-related eye damage. For this reason health organisations recommend protection up to 400 nanometres. Currently up to 80% of clear lenses globally do not offer full UV protection. 

Zeiss UVProtect Technology sets an industry benchmark by offering full protection up to 400 nanometres in clear lenses - the same UV protection as premium sunglasses. Click here to learn more *Excludes Bifocals and Access Lenses

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